Quality politics

We strive for excellence in everything we do.
The management of Industrias Químicas Fervalle, in order to have a useful tool through which to optimize the quality of the products and services, and as a means of increasing the level of customer satisfaction, has chosen to implement a management system of quality, acquiring as fundamental commitments for its development: to promote the resources and means necessary for said system to become a dynamic entity of continuous improvement, and to comply with the social and quality requirements linked to the activity it develops. In this context, promoting the improvement of the quality of its products and their adaptation to the new needs of agriculture, and projecting responsiveness, flexibility and efficiency.

As fundamental values of its quality of service, it intends to maintain its leadership in the national fertilizer sector, covering the expectations of its customers and, whenever possible, anticipating them.


Involve all members of the organization in the commitment to quality, so that in the face of any alternative procedure, the restricted practices in the documents that make up our quality system are followed. In addition, all members of the organization will be encouraged to contribute to the development, maintenance and evaluation of the system, reporting problems and suggesting improvements.


Create avenues for participation and training through which to satisfy the personal and technical perspectives of all members of the organization.


Implement and develop systems to improve our control capacity in all work areas, investing in information and modernization of production systems, and carrying out actions through which to obtain the maximum use of our own resources at all times.


Encourage staff participation in recycling, study and research activities, in order to deepen our knowledge of agricultural trends in order to contribute more effectively to the adaptation of our products and services to the new needs that arise.


Develop channels of communication and dissemination that allow our customers a better understanding of the characteristics and method of use of the products we supply.


Submit the quality system to as many revisions as necessary to adapt to any new circumstance in which it may be involved. These guidelines projected through our Quality Management System and together with a firm commitment to the protection of the Environment will constitute the reference of our know-how that, with the help of all the members of this organization, it will enrich us personally in the satisfaction of a job well done, it will allow us to always have the trust of our customers and it will strengthen our position in the national Fertilizer sector.


Maintain the due level of demand with our suppliers, in order to ensure the quality of their supplies, and the necessary level of diligence with our customers to ensure satisfaction with our actions.