Who are we?

Fervalle is a company dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and distribution of fertilisers for all types of crops in conventional, organic and biodynamic agriculture. Our product lines are: defence inducers, nutritionals, specials, water treatments, soil conditioners and basic substances.

Today, plant nutrition helps us to tackle all kinds of problems in our crops, we can speak of functional fertilisers, including plant-based superfoods.

We work hard every day to meet all the necessary requirements in this sector to achieve our winning position as the largest registered fertiliser company with certification for organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Our fertilisers are certified by the most important certification companies such as SOHISCERT, ECOCERT, CAAE and DEMETER, depending on the country where the product is marketed.

We only manufacture Zero Residue fertilisers. Modern agriculture requires not only quality products with effective results, but also residue-free products, fertilizers that achieve healthy agricultural foods. The products we market comply with European Union regulations regarding residues, so we can affirm that they are Zero Residue products.

Our new facilities are located in Blanca (Murcia-Spain), where we have a specialised warehouse and a 15,000 m2 logistics centre that distributes our products all over the world and it is the result of the success of our formula. Our production, which is based on efficiency, is flexible and advanced allowing us to customise products to customers’ needs.

At Fervalle, we have a wide distribution network at national level thanks to the trust of our customers and we are now following the same steps to achieve this at international level. Our main objective is to expand our products internationally to places in the world where they can be applied, according to the agricultural technology of the area and to establish Fervalle as a prestigious brand.

Nowadays, Fervalle has sales of thousands of containers per year because of its experience and knowledge of international markets, logistics and customs procedures. The sales team, located in Spain, travels first-hand to get to know the different markets. Knowing our customers’ needs and knowing how to meet them is the key to our success. We do not try to commercialise our products, but to advise technicians in the field so that they have knowledge and information about fertilisers, their applications and functions according to the type of crop, the type of soil, water and other elements.

Our goal is to create a long term relationship with our customers and to be their reliable supplier in the fertiliser sector.

Our philosophy

We constantly seek perfection in everything we do.
To innovate. To investigate. To develop. To test. To manufacture. To attend. To teach. To Learn…

To achieve technically perfect products.

And make our slogan TRUE. The good works.



Industrias Químicas Fervalle is a company with a strong innovative and technological character, which promotes constant improvements in all areas of the organization.

Our driving force is innovation.


We work through a rigorous quality and traceability policy according to the ISO 9001 standard, with continuous improvements in production, control and management processes.

We seek excellence in everything we do.


We contribute to improving society and its environment through environmental and social policies, which makes us a company with strong foundations to continue growing.

Committed to our world.